AngryLittleAlchemist said:
The Souls games are a terrible example of this. The quality of those games is largely reliant on the ability to have fun by getting over difficulty curves. If someone played a Souls game on easy not only would they miss the point of the game largely, but they would probably enjoy it less too. Not every game is for everyone - and one thing that sticks out about the example regarding the Souls games is that it's never a wish of the developers or the fanbase for there to be an easy mode, it's always the wish of people the game was never catering to to begin with.

That may be how you want to enjoy the game, but others might enjoy it a different way, and that takes nothing away from you. For less skilled players, a slightly easier mode would still be challenging anyway, hence they'd still get the experience without being totally locked out. Existing players can keep playing it the way they always have, the devs make more sales and more money, new players get to enjoy it, it's literally a pure win with absolutely zero downside.

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