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Intrinsic said:
zorg1000 said:

Here is last year's December (last 5 weeks) according to this site.



I would assume PS4 will be down (PS4 has been down all year long) while NSW will be up (been up all year and Smash will move consoles).

How much they are up/down remains to be seen but I wouldn't be surprised to see numbers like this




SKMBlake said:
@zorg1000: That was pretty much my point. The Switch already outsold the PS4 last year without a huge relase (Xenoblade isn't huge), there is no way it won't this year by a great margin

And you guys are missing my point.

I am not saying the switch won't outsell the PS4 in december. I am saying it won't be by enouggh to make a dent in the lead the PS4 has over it for 2018.

Zorg is estimating that the PS4 be down YOY by 400k and the switch be up YOY by 600k+.

Either way thats a difference of 1.3M in sales!!!

Meanwhile over the same period last year the switch only managed a difference of like 250k. So you guys are basically saying that coming from last year t this that difference is going to jump from 250k to over 1.3M???? No. I just don't see that happening this year. Especially when you consider that the PS4 has won the switch globally every single month this year and that cyber monday sales is added to november this year and not december like last year. 

I am well aware of what you are saying, your last post (the one I quoted) questioned whether or not Switch could close the gap by 1-2 million in December and I just outlined how that is feasible.

Let's take a look at it from another perspective. According to this site, PS4 is down ~14% YoY while NSW is up ~20%. If that remains the same for December than it will be



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