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KLXVER said: 
Shes still hot...


That is most certainly true! =D


Azelover said: 

I love Britney Spears, all her records have been great.

I just realized something now. And maybe this is kind of like a conspiracy theory. But, it appears they have been speeding up her vocals, to make her voice sound baby-like. If you look at older performances, her voice is a lot thicker, and to me, beautiful.


I don't know about that. I was at a lot of her concerts and heard her sing live a lot of times. Especially at the femme fatale tour she did a whole lot of live singing. She sounded just as always to me.


Acevil said:
I never been huge fan, but you know what, from what I seen she has been an amazing mother to her children and really that goes long way in my book.

Not only that, she also did a whole lot to help people in need. She's just a great person overall imo. She supported more than two dozens of charity projects like Keep A Child Alive or the Elton John AIDS Foundation. I'm convinced that she is just a good person overall. Of course it's easy to support those things if you have millions in the bank. But still, there are more than enough celebrities who don't care about that stuff at all. 

But of course I'm not objective in any way, I'll give you that much. =D

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