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Azzanation said:

Errorist76 said:

Forza unchallenged? Ask every serious console racer on the net..90% of them will say GT Sport is the better game. It has also sold 3 times the amount or more. It seems awards aren’t everything.

GT 7 on PS5 will also have full VR support. Turn 10 and MS better step up their game.

Unfortunately GTS wasn't nominated for 2018 RGOTY, the updates clearly weren't enough for it to be recognized this year. And please lets not compare sales to which game you think is better. If you truly think GOW is the GOTY than you need to accept that FH4 is the RGOTY at this award show. Some reviewers even say its the best car racer of all time. But hey there just opinions. I think Forza is in a good spot, I don't believe they need to step up there game much but knowing Turn 10, they will continue to step it up as its the nature of the company.

I’m not debating Horizon 4’s qualities. It did deserve to win, it’s a very good game. 

GTS couldn’t be nominated this year, but that wasn’t the point. I’m not comparing it to Horizon, that’s a different genre.