Mummelmann said:
Miyamotoo said:

Simple, I talking about official Nintendo numbers, Switch at end of September was at around 23m, last year in October-December period Switch shipment was around 7.3m, this year with Pokemon, Smash Bros and holiday bundles, I expecting around 9-10m shipment in same time period, so that would make Switch 32-33m at end of year, in January-March period of this year shipment was around 3m, with big effect from Pokemon and Smash from Holiday season and NSMBUDX launch in January, I expecting 3m+ in same time period, so that gets roughly at 35-36m at end of March, and 35m is like bare minimum. If you want we can make bet?

So, you're talking shipped numbers? Where was that specified? I'm talking sell through, the figures that this site has always tracked. Even 35 million shipped could be tough by March 3rd. I'm talking actual sales, not shipped. In a vgchartz thread about lifetime sales, one can assume that that's the standard unless anything else is specified.

Shipped numbers are only official numbers we are getting, so of course I talking about shipped numbers, we getting official shipped numbers at end of every quarter, but at end shipped numbers equals sold numbers like you can see on link down: