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HoangNhatAnh said:
DélioPT said:

I saw that… multiple times! :D

I just wanted more diversity.
Of the 13 titles, 6 were ports (assuming Four Swords was new. If not, seven, seven, then).

The only two games that stand out of the usual Zelda feel are Hyrule Warriors and Zelda Picross.

Because they have to support two systems at the same time but now, it can be like this:

2018: a remastered 
2019: a new 2D top down Zelda like A Link Between World 
2020: Hyrule Warriors 2
2021: another spin off like Tri Force Heroes
2022: another Zelda Picross
2023: a big mainline game

For the life of me i can't remembre what remastered Zelda game came out this year...

2019: agreed! It can be a more artistic game, btw.
2020: I can live with that
2021: Spin-off: Zelda inspired game (no, not the CDi games!)
2022: mainline game (it's 4 years after BOTW, i think it's enough time if they re-use the same engine)
2023: either a RPG or a remaster of an old handheld game (like the Pokémon Let's Go Switch game)