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NoCtiS_NoX said:
Kai_Mao said:

For what its worth, Nintendo did not have the must have titles until late in the year. At least with 2017, Splatoon 2, Zelda, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe were the big titles that carried the interest and momentum throughout most of the year despite the stock issues. For this year, even though Mario Tennis Aces and Super Mario Party were return to form, Octopath Traveler was a surprising success, and we got a plethora of Wii U ports, those types of titles were not expected to help increase hardware. I get you mentioned Labo, and I was hoping it would help expand the audience, but even then it was a wild card that a good amount of people were betting on.

As for the bolded, was Let's Go supposed to sell all of its initial shipments at this time? It's likely for the holiday season in general as sales-wise, its doing good if you ask me. Especially if you want to give it context, such as this is the first $60 mainline game ($100 w/ the Poke Ball Plus), mixed fan reaction pre-release (though I'm not sure how the Japanese audience thought of Let's Go pre-release), not a next gen Pokemon game, it's on a relatively smaller user base compared to the 3DS when X/Y came out, etc. And despite that, Let's Go managed to pretty much double its COMG numbers in its FW in Japan and sell 3 million WW, for what its worth. Likely netting more revenue for Nintendo overall compared to even Pokemon Sun and Moon (despite S/M selling like gangbusters) because of the Switch itself being a more expensive product than the 3DS in 2016.

I guess though, an on-par or bad second year won't dictate the trajectory of a console's overall LT sales. Things can happen. One of the reasons the PS2 continued selling well, in its twilight years, after generation 7 started was because the PS3 was having a hard time getting off the ground. The 3DS was able to start gaining momentum after a disappointing start once Nintendo slashed the price significantly (which I'm not sure if people expected that at the time). 2019 can potentially be the Switch's best year as Nintendo has more original first party titles waiting in the wings and are not just relying on ports and Labo to carry them until Pokemon and Smash came out. In 2019, we at least have Fire Emblem Three Houses, Luigi's Mansion 3, Animal Crossing, Daemon x Machina, Town, Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes (not first-party but exclusive), and Pokemon Gen 8, plus a plethora of notable ports such as Resident Evil 4, Final Fantasy VII (on a Nintendo console for the first time ever!), Dragon Quest XI S, and NSMBUD.

1st paragraph: that's why it is a disappointment. Ninty failed to continue the momentum. They bank on Labo and failed. It's not hard for someone to be disappointed and I see where are they coming from.

2nd: This is Pokemon and Japan. Used market is very big in Japan. It might affect the future shipments and leg of this game so the following weeks are very crucial. Splatoon 2 is one perfect example that nullifies your argument about install base. FF XIII on PS3, Sun and Moon.

What I  can agree you with are: The bad rep of the game and maybe the price point because I am willing to bet that a Gen 8 will sell well on install base of 5M.  It will not be limited by 5M install base it will be limited by stocks of NSW that's available on the market.  Also stop being a little bit sensitive. I never said it wasn't good.  I just added context on the discussion for Pokemon and all this revenue talk. I already had this discussion already. I am very aware but the shipments for it. Are people aware of it?

3rd: I will just ignore this. I don't know what does it have to do with what I have said. Unless you are speaking in general. 

For your first point: I’m just giving context since we’re sorta seeing this situation from different perspectives. Of course, Nintendo’s are most important since it’s their console being discussed. I get someone can be disappointed, but I’m just saying what I said for what it’s worth.

For your second point, I have no idea about what’s been going on in the used gaming market in Japan. You got me with Splatoon 2 and other examples.

For your third point, my bad if I came off as sensitive as I didn’t intend to. I just think it’s weird that people are saying “flop” for a Pokemon mainline game that had just as much going against it as much as it had going for it. Again, as crazy as Pokémon is WW, some were probably not sure about Let’s Go releasing at $60. I mean one of our users was pretty vocal about Let’s Go being low in value at $60. Of course it doesn’t matter since Pokemon Let’s Go is already selling millions, but we love context here.

For your last statement, yea it’s a bit general. Just saying that a steady/slow second year doesn’t necessarily translate into anything for the future.