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JSG87 said:
Hang on so the Switch is up on last week and only 4K down on last year's sales for the same week and this is a disappointment? Switch didn't explode until the week Pokemon launched. Same could happen with Smash. Let's wait and see what happens next week. One thing I will say is that Smash should easily sell over 1 million games next week in Japan and if 200K consoles can sell with 600K Pokemon games then that should be the floor for Switch sales next week.

since you are comparing it with last year.

Let's add more context.

2017:March Launch. Not full year. 2017 is plagued with massive shortage.

2018: No massive shortage and Switch is available. Full year.

To elaborate further, it should be massively up, not on par or down.  This was the expectation for 2018. Labo should have been the next big thing but it failed. I think we should be an agreement that Labo failed what is supposed to do.  So it will be logical for me to think Switch sales is a disappointment.  Just because it is a disappointment it doesn't mean it sold bad. Anyway, let's see what Smash will do next week that will be interesting and the PS4 temporary price cut will do.


Anyway, on Pokemon Let's Go. To add more context. It's still not selling it's initial shipments. 

as for the 2019 talks. PS4 will have a great Q1 again. KH III might sell a lot of console with 2 limited edition for it. RE 2 will be a wild card it might bring the old RE fans again.