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At some point you have to wonder if capitalism will get these companies to recenter themselves. I try to see things through the other side's perspective and I can understand the desire to hopefully expand your audience and appeal to people that might not normally play your game. As a father of a daughter, I can certainly understand the sentiment of wanting to make this game relevant to females. That said, the way they did all of this was very poorly planned and executed. When people had issue with the historical accuracy of the game, they chose to conflate the smaller number of oddball complaints with the larger number of legitimate criticisms of the game. Essentially they took a play out of the current Star Wars playbook to say that if you don't like it, you must be a bad person. Your criticism can't possibly be valid. From there, these companies just keep doubling down.

It is not wise to sacrifice your current user base in the attempt to gain new fans from a group that simply might not be that interested in your product. The only real indicator will be sales though. So if everything works out and sales aren't negatively impacted, they will keep doing these things. If sales tank, the almighty dollar will most likely make them reevaluate the strategy.

"There are things which, if done by the few, we should refuse to imitate; yet when the majority have begun to do them, we follow along - just as if anything were more honourable because it is more frequent!"