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Trumpstyle said:
LurkerJ said:

GPU Conclusion

So is the iPad Pro an Xbox One S class of GPU?

Likely it is. The Xbox One S is only slightly quicker than the original Xbox One launched in 2013, and that console would struggle to achieve 1080p in games of that vintage. The Vega iGPU in the Ryzen 7 2700U offers more theoretical FLOPS than the Xbox One S, although at a higher TDP of 15-Watts, compared to the iPad Pro. In the synthetic tests, the iPad Pro scored higher than the Vega GPU, albeit at a lower precision, but regardless, there’s little doubt that the GPU in the iPad Pro is quite powerful. Add in the efficiency and the lower TDP, and results are even stronger. On the sustained performance run, the iPad was averaging just under 8 Watts of draw for the entire device.

Loool at anandtech, xbox one severely outperforms the 2700u, the 2700u get an average of 20fps in witcher 3 at lowest settings with resoluation at 720p. Anandtech need to get a clue.

The 2700u isn't specifically optimized for a game that way the XBox One GPU will be for any port it gets, PC versions of a game have to run on a broader scope of machines, so the 2700u could likely perform a ways better than that if you had The Witcher 3 guys make a version expressly for that chip. 

And the iPad Pro doubled the 2700u in the Aztec Ruins graphics test. 

As an aside, the iPad Pro running at only 8 watts to get this level of performance is remarkable, that means it actually runs at a lower power consumption than the Switch which I believe consumes 9 watts in portable mode, despite having a waaaaay bigger 11-inch screen that runs at a way higher resolution. 

This thing is definitely 3-5x better than the Tegra X1 in the Switch and runs at a lower power consumption to boot ... meaning you could throw this chip into a Switch and run PS4/XB1 quality games at 720p undocked AND have better battery life without increasing the size of the battery. That is incredible. 

Last edited by Soundwave - on 04 December 2018