Nozz-A-La said:
In general the switch is not a very good choice as a primary console.

You want to play the biggest single player games (GTA 5, RDR2) everyone is talking about even outside of gaming media? Impossible with a switch
You want to play the biggest multiplayer games of the generation?! You will miss out nearly every game
You want to play high budget jrpgs? You will miss out nearly every game
And what about high budget rpgs in general? You will nearly miss out every game
You want to play on the go but don't want to carry around a bag? Smartphones have a huge game libary that are perfect for short gaming sessions
You love nintendo games and don't have a problem to have only a limited choice of AAA games in each genre? The switch is a very good primary console
You travel alot and take long rides? The switch is a very good primary console
You love indies more than AAA games? Get a switch (or a vita)

Yeah. So depending on tastes a PS4 can never be the primary console for some.

Also, big games everyone is talking about outside gaming media.... does not include Pokemon, Smash, SMO and Breath of the Wild?

And why single out RPGs with two points? Why not singling out Platformers... oh. Well then Metroidvanias... oh. OK, but what with adventures... oh.

It doesn't make any sense to compare exclusives: comparing Smash, pokemon, zelda, mario etc. with spiderman, god of war, uncharted, bloodborne etc. Is useless because it's a matter of taste. There is no objectively better choice, so why even start comparing. Let's say they are equally good

1st party nintendo = 1st party support sony. 

Multiplayer (mostly shooters) and rpgs (open world) are the biggest genres these gen. the switch libary is limited in that regard which is a huge negative point for a primary console.

There are like 200-300 people on average that work on AAA games. with a switch you are missing out the work of like 10.000 developers. 

What exclusive metroidvanias and adventures are you reffering to that are not on pc or playstation?