last92 said:
Shiken said:

Also just because you might feel one way, does not mean 90% of gamers do as well.  If you wish to make such bold claims, please provide data to back your numbers.

First, I didn't say that I personally like those games, I only noticed that many gamers do like a lot of games that didn't and will not release on the switch for obvious reasons.

Second, you just need to look at combined ps4, xbox one and gaming pc hardware sales. These three platforms share most big third party games and compared them, Switch sales are quite low (relatively speaking). This is why I said that the Switch probably cannot be the only gaming device for most players. Aside for the diehard nintendo fans, that cannot be the case.

As for bethesda...I was thinking more of fallout 4 and the next tes, since those are bethesda's heavy hitters and are not severl years old.

I have my suspicions that the next ES game might see a heavily scaled down version on Switch.  I still doubt it, but their refusal to make a new engine for the game has me wondering...but that is another discussion entirely.


By your logic, the PS4 and X1 were viable to be an only console because 90% of their library was still on the PS360 as cross gen as well.  Not to mention the fact that both the PS4 or X1 saw less exclusives in 2 full years (quality and quantity)  than the Switch has put out in less than 2.


Just sayin'

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