Every Nintendo or even from any of the 3 is perfectly viable sole option if you prefer what is available there. Plenty of options to keep you gaming.

And I would have to say that the thread premise was made in a way that would be just circle jerk since it only needs to agreeing with OP when you remove any possibility of personal taste.

Most of the games are third parties, most of the sales are as well, and both are much smaller in Switch or any console of Nintendo since N64. So all Nintendo consoles could be primary or sole source of gaming as long as you just care about their games, and couldn't be even a choice if you don't care about Nintendo games. And I'm pretty sure OP would be pissed on a thread about Nintendo being unnecessary to the industry using basically the same arguments he is using with people being perfectly fine playing games without Nintendo being around (or any of the big 3 or even some publishers).

Also OP says he wants to stay away from list war, but that is what he is using to answer. Even worse is that he basically list every thing possible to reply to someone that listed about 5% of what he could.

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