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So a few of you may remember me from my more active days on the site. Dunno if many new people are here. But anyway, over a year ago I had a series of threads from around March-May 2017 chronicling my job.


For those new, here’s some context: I was, at the time, working with a client who was highly functional -but not enough in society to be independent and so I was his caregiver. I took care of him at night because he bar-hopped a lot and his parents did not want to drive him around town at night every night, which is understandable. Anyway, the instruction I was given was to go to the bar and ensure he remained safe while also pretending I didn’t know him because he didn’t want people knowing he needed assistance. Now with that all out of the way, here’s my story! 


So a week or so ago I was hungry but was too lazy to make my own dinner. It was getting late, about 8-8:30ish PM and I decided to get some take out from a local Chinese place that was closing soon. I ordered my stuff and sat down waiting for my food. I was on my phone when I heard people come in. Didn’t really mean much to me so I ignored it... until I heard the person ordering it was my client from last year! 

So I called out to him when I saw him. I wasn’t sure if he’d even remember me since it’d been so long and when I did work with him it was dark, which contrasted with the bright lighting in the fast food place. It took him a couple of seconds to register I wasn’t a stranger but he immediately remembered me and we chatted. I saw his caregiver sitting at a table away from us, seemed unsure about the situation since he obviously didn’t know me but his client did. One of the quirks about my client that I had forgotten about was the fact his voice would and still does progressively get louder the longer a conversation went on for. So by the time I was heading out with my food, the 4 minute interaction had him screaming. Not because he was mad, but because he didn’t notice his voice was getting louder as he spoke XD which, really seemed to piss off the staff of the place and one of the customers eating in -but no one said anything. 

He had apparently been getting ready to go to the bar right next to the Chinese restaurant but got hungry before going in. I honestly never expected to see him again since we live so far from each other but it was definitely cool to check out what had been going on with him recently (which was to say he hadn’t changed at all).

But yeah, thats pretty much it. Thought I’d post it since a few people had missed it when I switched jobs