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Well, you are all obviously entitled to your opinions. But, I'll continue to push government to stay out of it, so that developers and pubs can make and market their games however they want, and we can buy them if and when we want to.

I don't like loot boxes in games. They annoy me, and I think they're just pretty tacky. So, I've developed a two pronged approach to dealing with them. First, I don't buy games with annoying loot boxes. This keeps me from having to deal with loot boxes being thrown into my face all the time. Second, if I evaluate a game and decide "yeah, it has loot boxes, but I'm not pressured to buy them, and they're not thrown in my face all the time, so I'll go ahead and play it", I still protest loot boxes in the game. To pull this off, I've come up with an incredible technique - I don't buy the loot boxes.

By following this very complex, but very effective method, I accomplish some very important things. I'm able to enjoy gaming. I'm able to push back against things that I don't like - such as loot boxes in games. And, finally, I'm able to sleep well at night knowing that I've taken responsibility for myself, and stayed out of other people's business so that they can take responsibility for themselves (they, in this case, being game developers and publishers.) I advise everyone to take a similar approach, or otherwise figure out how to take responsibility for their own enjoyment of video games.