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Hiku said:
Green098 said:

Not really the same situation at all. Nintendo don't really have a choice but to censor this one artwork design because it's an 'E' rated family-friendly party fighter. If it was rated 'T' with a older target audience like an actual Xenoblade game, Nintendo wouldn't have to touch it as they won't mind it got a higher rating cause it's not aimed at children unlike Smash.

Sony on the other hand enforce their own changes and rules on third party games and developers past what the official video game rating boards already approve and allow.

Well Fire Emblem: Fates had a T rating, but was still hit with censorship for swimsuits and other things. Same thing for FE: Awakening. At least in America.

Anyway, the black leggings are kinda distracting to me, but you'll probably get used to it.
Not a fan of these type of changes, but hey. I've seen worse.

Guess America's ESRB rating is different in terms of requirements of what can be acceptable in a particular rating compared to the CERO rating in Japan? Who knows.