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Well, you got one extremely big new franchise and Destiny. You got the division, and the upcoming anthem. You got Splatoon, if we're counting Wii U and the current generation, as we should. You got Horizon, Nier, Bloodbourne, and mire. Those are just a few of the big-time AAA ones off the top of my head. You also have the return of Doom. That's certainly not a new franchise, but it's one that basically skipped last generation. You got Mario Maker, which isn't a new IP, but it is a significant development in the Mario universe. There are tons of A and AA series, like Ori, unravel, Captain toad, Recore and tons of others like that.

that's just a tiny sampling of titles that popped into my head with a minute or so thinking. so, while you may be right that there were fewer new franchises this generation than last, I certainly don't feel like it's been lacking in new content.

with all of that said, considering the massive cost to develop big games these days, I understand why companies can't risk tens of millions of dollars on untested stuff very often. I think that's just the nature of the business right now, but that's also what has given rise to the indie scene. So, with all of that in mind, I'm really not worried about the future of gaming content.