SvennoJ said:
Dulfite said:

Yeah it is amazing. I get occasional lag, but overall it is a great experience.

Perhaps I'm just a simpleton, yet I simply move the console to my projector when I want to play on that, It only needs a standard power cable and hdmi cable, and you get to enjoy uncompressed 7.1 audio with uncompressed lag free picture quality. The idea of watching compressed video on a projector defeats the point of blowing the image up that big!

Why get the most powerful console and then compress the picture :) I have streamed games to my laptop as a convenient extra screen (alt-tabbing back and forth for those slow games) yet on a projector you don't want any compression artifacts.

Actually I had to, to get the Dreamcast working on my old CRT projector at the end of the 90's. However that was not streaming. DC to video capture card on PC, upscaled to 800x600 and send as S-VHS signal to the CRT projector. For some reason the projector didn't recognize the composite video output of the Dreamcast. Nowadays it's just pure laziness to accept lower quality instead of hooking things up directly. Plus the DC to capture card, upscale, to S-VHS, to CRT projector still had far less lag than any streaming solution. The ways in which tech doesn't advance :)

I failed to mention I don't have the console lol. I'm streaming from my PC.