Azzanation said:
The game package definitely is one of the best offerings of value and quality in history. Iv said many times, Halo MCC is worth it just for Halo 2 remake alone. They should have released that separately and would have easily scored over a 90 critic rating.

I don't think it would have reviewed that well on its own, maybe in the mid 80s at best. Which is surprisingly the score MCC received even while it was a mess. Probably because it was always a solid way to play the campaigns.

I think we all agree they tried to do too much in a short development window. Maybe they just should have launched with the campaigns and Halo 2 PvP at launch. MCC would have been a less broken product if developers could have focused on that first, while completing other multiplayer modes over time.

Either way, they built something ambitious and buggy as fuck... but now its a great product. On a side note, 343 Studios seemed to fix MCC relatively quickly. They took on huge project and got it done in under a year. I get the impression the biggest incentives were fixing a blemish in Halo's history and having strong content for Game Pass.

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