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zorg1000 said:
DonFerrari said:

Thank you for not only proving my point on the mental barrier but to also show that PS4 at this time in its life is the most expensive PS console and still tracking ahead.

I never said they make comparison to PS2 pricing, where did you took that from? What I said is that mental barrier on prices exist if they didn't they would price consoles at 300 or 400 instead of 299 or 399. The biggest number on the first digit makes a cognitive difference to people believe it or not.

Sure they would plan different. But you perhaps have missed all the threads on their bad position for ramp production, RAM scarcity and all. How many units had they available for WiiU launch (that they expected to be a success as far as I know) during Holidays? Where they able to produce 4.5M consoles ahead of time?

What Shadow posted goes against your point, not for it. Hes saying that inflation is something that needs to be considered. $400 was considered too expensive for a new console in the 90s while it is a fair price in the 2010s.

Because that is within the context of our conversation. You said PS4 launched at $100 more than PS2, I responded that adjusted for inflation they had the same launch price, you then responded about mental barriers. Your $299/399 vs $300/400 example is true but does not relate to our discussion because we are talking about devices that released 13 years apart, not devices that were on the market side by side.


Yes, they weren't able to ramp production because at that time it was already too late, Switch sales were far stronger than they anticipated for a Spring launch. Wii U shipped 3.06m in its first month which was below expectations and caused them to drop their fiscal year forcast from 5.5m to 4.0m.

Launch is but one point, and we are at year 5 and talking about the tracking being still ahead for PS4 after 5 years. So the curve showing that PS2 never costed more than PS4 even adjusted for inflation, but still had a lower pricetag.

If you think inflation is always on people mind you'll say no one ever have a mind bug when they see old movie representation and a coke at 25 cent?

Will you dispute that technology even with inflation have pricetags lower for better performance after every year?

So mind barrier for 299/300 is true but 299/399 isn't? Now you lost me. You want to make strawman and then can't match the points. Yes PS4 and PS2 are over a decade apart but still pricetag impression will be relevant.

So WiiU at launch had 3.06m on first month but Switch would have been over 4.5M, ok. And 6 months is short time for them, but they would have planned totally different for holiday because they have crystal ball. If they could sell more launching at holiday and even hit market earlier, why did they choose the odd period almost no one ever launched before?

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