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AngryLittleAlchemist said:
ResilientFighter said:

censoring is censoring there is no difference covered tits legs bras etc are covered tits legs bras no excuses 

...there's no difference?


If you were just taking this from a general "censorship sucks" perspective I'd agree, but - you're using a situation in which Nintendo is censoring a property (Xenoblade), that they own, for a crossover game (Smash) which is for a much younger audience (E10+) compared to the original property (Xenoblade), which has been left untouched in recent memory in regards to it's own game - as justification to "call out" people for being hypocrites for being mad at Sony for censoring third parties and overextending their hand. 

It's not the same thing. But yes, censorship does suck and I don't like this design at all. 

i agree with everything except the fact people act like only sony censors and thats not true this is a prime example even if its for their exclusive title and a dumb rating
people argued with me that spiderman did not sell more than god of war due to one being teen the other mature they said ratings do not mean anything in sales so why is nintendo crying about some tits and legs if its not about fears of it selling less if it was rated teen and had no censoring on bayonetta, xenoblade and fire emblem girls.