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SKMBlake said:
Eagle367 said:

The Wii was it's own console because of it's controller. If the PS4 is different from PS3 because of more powerful hardware, the Wii is different from GC due to the controller. And DS is certainly not GBA. And the Wii U internally was very different from Wii.

The original post I've quoted stayed that a new Switch with basically a more powerful hardware and pretty much new features but overall the same hardware would be nice but since it's Nintendo, it wouldn't happen. So I decided to show how that exactly what Nintendo is actually doing it for years, releasing pretty much the same console with more power and new features. The Wii added motion control to the Gamecube with more power and the Wii U added HD support and the gamepad. The DS added a second screen to the Game Boy Advance and the 3DS added 3D support, with obviously more power every time.

Well then no console is anything but an upgraded NES by your metric. And I mean no console not even Sony or Microsoft and NES is just an upgraded whatever came before it. I mean Al they did was add joysticks, add more buttons, made 3d gaming, made be gaming, made two screen gaming and nothing else really.

That's what you sound like

Just a guy who doesn't want to be bored. Also