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So everyone here is in agreement that generations need to die and iterations need to reign supreme. So a switch version 2.0 and version 3.9 etc but the previous versions are supported until it's not viable. So like support switch alpha until 3.0 and switch beta until 4.0 etc. Maybe have half refreshers like 1.5. Hey that's a great naming scheme in Greek alphabet. But anyways I would love that but also they need to keep updating the joycons as they go on and the newer joycons are supported with old hardware as well. And then you can still play every game from switch on every newest model. Make something like iOS and call it the shittiest name they can think of but still have a basic OS for all switches that keeps updating. No need for backwards compatibility shenanigans or anything like that. Develop the VC as a separate service where you pay something like 60 a year but can play games upto and including the Wii or eventually the Wii U or something. Have every console represented so in a way make a system that has all of Nintendo in it. That sounds awesome but doubt ninty will do that. They aren't that happy to change and console generations is like a tradition to them and they love their traditions

Just a guy who doesn't want to be bored. Also