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mZuzek said: 
SKMBlake said:

Yeah, that's exactly what they've done with the Wii and then the Wii U (backwards compatibility, including controllers and a few new features).

Eh... the Wii U was nothing like the Wii, not at all. It had the software/hardware backwards compatibility but was overall a much different product. Had a weird new controller no one understood, an incredibly slow OS that was far worse than the Wii's, and was honestly garbage at doing what the Wii did best - local multiplayer.

The Wii was basically a more powerful gamecube with minor changes and the Wii U was basically a more powerful Wii. Wii U even uses Wiimotes to play multiplat games, and can even run Gamecube games. For 3 generations, Nintendo released nearly the same console over and over.

And so was the Gameboy Advance, then the DS and then the 3DS.

So, it is wrong to say "It's Nintendo so it won't happen" cause Nintendo did it several times.

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