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People keep bringing up how early it is, but that's not the point here. It's just to imagine what could be. Of course the new console should release in 2023 or something but what would it be. I have a feeling mobile processing will get much stronger in that time frame. A 1440p screen seems ludicrous but I can easily see 1080P with 4k. The biggest problem I see is with batteries. Maybe graphene battery tech improves and ninty uses that to make a much sleaker, better battery and still stronger switch 2. No one even talked about new joycons. I would love for them to innovate in that department since they can do so much. Maybe next joycons have a more rounded ergonomic shape to them and an accessory that makes them feel like actual big controllers rather than mini versions. I'm trying to think how they can innovate and maybe they add a feature where there switch connects wirelessly to the TV and and uses both the switch screen and TV screen in some way like an actual; Wii u but again battery is a big issue plus latency. Thinking of that, will it be ever possible to do that? I think that would be a nice goal to have for the future like maybe switch 3 or 4 if it lasts that long. How long do you think until streaming becomes so prominent that traditional consoles become an afterthought? Like project stream is crazy good and only requires 25 mbps

Just a guy who doesn't want to be bored. Also