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Soundwave said:

Console cycles are a stupid outdated byproduct of the 1980s when the industry was all kiddies, break the wheel Nintendo. Don't have a cycle where you have to reset to zero create a new cycle that's more like the one Apple has for iPhones/iPads and just create a continuous ever amassing library that simply has new hardware models coming out every 2-3 years. Player can upgrade when ever the time is right for them.

Just like Switch shattered the paradigm of what is a home console and what is a portable system, the "console cycle" shit of 5-6 years can go too. If I'm Nintendo I'm not resetting at 5-6 years back to zero. Fuck that noise. Especially when you have no second system to fall back on. Where is the upside for me as a business. A company that has a successful hardware product has nothing to gain and everything to lose in most of these cases. 

Make it more like PC where there are no real generations, a person just upgrades their GPU when ever they feel like that and games gradually scale to a point where an older GPU simply can't run some newer games. It's smarter business wise, console generation transitions have been nothing but trouble for Nintendo most of the time. 

It's not 1988 anymore, the market is not 90% children who rely on their parents to buy them all their games. It's time for this cycle to come into 2018 and be more like every other popular electronic product. 

The PS4 Pro and XBox One X have also changed the game for the what Sony/MS do, Nintendo should go even further. I bet MS probably will too. There will be more than just 2 versions of the next XBox, we're likely gonna see hardware refreshes every 2 years soon enough. 

No one mentioned starting from zero, but there will always be that in some point you have much bigger difference. For instance look at Sony and MS, they have Pro and X but PS5 and X2 will be next gen consoles despite they will not start from zero.

Also Nintendo, there will be next gen Switch most likely, but offocurse they will not start from zero, they will almost certain keep Nvidia + ARM.