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Pemalite said:
Eagle367 said:

WIll there be a 1080p screen with 4k docked? I would say 1440p makes more sense but TVs don't usually come in 1440p. Do you think Ninty will have the tech to do that while being cost-effective? What gpu will they use?

The built-in screen could and should be a 1440P display.

To be fair so big resolution don't have real benefit of screen of size of around 6". 1080p would be well enough, also its point that we talking about full console 3D games runing on small device, so they need to paid attention to battery life and heating, and higher resolution means lower battery life and more heating. If you want to say but phones already have 2K or even 4K resolutions, phones are totally different thing, they constantly competing with each other to include better specs even half of them dont make too much sense of such a small devices, phones dont play full console 3D games and most of mobile games dont even support highest resolution on phones, also phones with best specs are like 3x more expansive than Switch.

Saying that, who knows how market will change and how much strong mobile chips we will have in around 5 years (when we can realistically expect Switch 2), just from current point 1080p resolution sounds like safe bet.


curl-6 said: 
Pemalite said: 


I think comparing the Switch to the likes of fixed consoles does a little bit of disservice.
The Switch will age much more poorly than the Xbox One or Playstation 4, that's just because of Nintendo's hardware decisions.

But if they can keep it around for a long time like the 3DS and sell it at a low price point whilst releasing a more premium device in say... 4 years time, then I am all for it.

I guess that's the thing; the 3DS aged like a banana left in the sun, yet they still gave it 6 years before they replaced it. People don't buy the Switch for its graphical capabilities so it won't matter so much if it falls further behind.

I agree, also worth mentiony that 3DS wasn't impressive at all even on launch, while Switch is quite impressive, and with almost certain that we will have few revisions that will boost hardware at least like we saw with New 3DS and that Switch probably not have any competition on market (and even if it does Switch will again have Pokemon, Animal Crossing, Mario, SPlatoon, Zelda, MK, Smash Bros..), Switch we will not have any problem until Switch 2.

Last edited by Miyamotoo - on 27 November 2018