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Eagle367 said:

WIll there be a 1080p screen with 4k docked? I would say 1440p makes more sense but TVs don't usually come in 1440p. Do you think Ninty will have the tech to do that while being cost-effective? What gpu will they use?

TV's don't need to support 1440P.
The built-in screen could and should be a 1440P display.

GPU wise... It really depends on what nVidia has cooked up, but it seems like they are stepping away from the mobile game.
So perhaps ADRENO might be something they would look at.

To be fair though, the Switch basically takes the best aspects of the WiiU (Off-screen gaming) and Wii (Motion Controls), not sure how they could "revolutionize" things any farther though, other than iterative hardware updates.

mZuzek said:

Edit: also, honestly I hope they don't go 4K. 1080p is absolutely fine enough in my opinion, and by not upgrading the resolution it means you can have better graphics without nearly as much power - never mind the storage issue.

Resolution itself has absolutely no affect on storage.
PC games from 20 years ago like Half Life 1 can fit on a CD, yet run at 4k.

Everything of mine is 1440P or better these days, rather not make a step backwards, the poor resolution display on the Switch is what is ultimately holding me back from making a snap purchase.

And just because the higher resolution is available, doesn't mean developers are obligated to use it either. - Many Switch games are under 720P.

curl-6 said:

Whatever it is, it should not come out until 2023.

Don't cut the Switch's lifespan short, or pull support a year before it's replaced like the Wii.

Give it a long and full cycle, like Sony does with its consoles, or Microsoft since the 360.

(They should however do multiple hardware revisions of the original Switch over the next 5 years)

I think comparing the Switch to the likes of fixed consoles does a little bit of disservice.
The Switch will age much more poorly than the Xbox One or Playstation 4, that's just because of Nintendo's hardware decisions.

But if they can keep it around for a long time like the 3DS and sell it at a low price point whilst releasing a more premium device in say... 4 years time, then I am all for it.

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