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CGI-Quality said:
SKMBlake said:

I just don't see how someone can say now that other companies' exclusives are pale in comparison of Sony's, despite knowing how huge 2017 for Nintendo exclusives were (2 GOTY nominations, and 1 actually won, and helped the new console to sell PS4-level well), how it will certainly be for this year and 2019.


Yeah, Sony have good exclusives this generation, but that doesn't mean they are way better than any other company.

Well, what’s better/worse is usually up for interpretation. If strictly talking Xbox vs PlayStation, there is no question who has dominated (critically, commercially, and objectively). Throwing Nintendo in there puts them (Sony and Nintendo) on very competitive terms. Xbox just needs some revitalizing.

I'll disagree. Nintendo had two amazing games in 2017. They had nothing in 2016 and this year. Sony has been hitting it all three years. Their lineup has been far more consistently strong since the mid PS3 times and its still going. You can't just put 1 year in the middle as proof that Nintendo is competitive even just the past three years.