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TheMisterManGuy said:

In the past, if and when Nintendo released a game with full voice acting in the US, the English voices were done in-house at Nintendo of America using local Seattle talent. Needless to say, the results were mixed at best, see Super Mario Sunshine and Metroid Other M. But starting with Nintendo 3DS, specifically Kid Icarus: Uprising, Nintendo started branching out more, the game's English dialogue was outsourced to POP Sound in California, using more traditional Burbank voice actors like Hynden Walch and Troy Baker that most developers and publishers in the industry use. The game's excellent Voice cast and writing made it one of the best parts. From that point on, nearly every Nintendo title with any amount of substantial voice acting was done in Burbank rather than NoA HQ in Washington. Fire Emblem Awakening, Fates and Echoes, The Wonderful 101, Codename STEAM, Xenoblade Chronicles X, The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild, Sushi Striker, WarioWare Gold, even Super Mario Odyssey had Kate Higgins playing Pauline. The one odd exception to this has to be Star Fox Zero, likely because Nintendo wanted to cash-in on Star Fox 64 nostalgia by getting the original N64 cast back, and well... it's Star Fox Zero, was there anything redeeming about that game?

So it's good to see that the 3DS birthed this trend for Nintendo.

BotW though had some really pedestrian voice acting, I agree though Nintendo is at least now catching up to the times in terms of voice acting. Star Fox 64 had some great voice acting and that was back in 1997.