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Bandorr said:

So once again I am intrigued by Playstation VR. The lower the price gets the more interested I become.

How does the set up, and using of it work? Do you sit, or do you stand?

How close to the Playstation do you have to be? Is it like the kinect where you need a lot of empty space around you?

What does a pass through for HDR mean? I recall some talk about having to plug and unplug something a lot.

Are all the bundles currently using the "CUH-ZVR2" version of the headset? The new kind.

Set up is extremely simple with the ZVR2 unit. Just one extra HDMI cable added to your current set-up, a power cable, and a USB cable. The headset itself only has one wire. The headphone jack, mic controls, and power are all built into the headset on ZVR2. ZVR2 is a huge improvement to ease of use compaired to ZVR1.

VR offers nearly unlimited potential, so you will have expereinces where you Stand, Sit, Stand and Sit, or Move Around within a Bounding Box. I play Gran Turismo Sport sitting in a unit that houses my seat, wheel, and pedals. Superhot VR has you moving all over the place, up/down, side to side. In Astro Bot you will be sitting, with dual shock in hand, just like a traditional game. Other games like Skyrim can be played sitting or standing, using either the Move's or DS4. Then you have stuf like Firewall Zero Hour where standing with the Aim controller offers the best expereince. Batman Arkham VR is a standing expereince, were you teleport to a location, and walk around in the bounding box. 

There are many great expereinces across all play styles. If you just want to sit, you will find great expereinces. If you just want to stand, you won't feel a lack of content. If you are willing to try anything, then PSVR is going to be one of the best expereinces you have ever had, gamingwise and beyond.

The amount of space needed depends on each titles. Some games can be played sitting about 6' from the camera. Others are more enjoyable if you have a good 10' x 10' space to move around in.

Pass Through means that a signal can go from you PS4 through the Box to the TV. The OG model could not pass HDR signals, so even though PS4 was capable of outputting HDR, if the PSVR was plugged in, you would only be able to do basic 4K SDR. The new Box in ZVR2 has a newer HDMI standard that is capable of HDR pass through. So with ZVR2 you will get the best signal the PS4 can deliver, sent through the box to your TV. No need to ever unplug the PSVR.

Skyrim, Creed/Superhot, and Astro Bot/Moss all have ZVR2. Skyrim and Creed/Superhot also come with a nwer version of the Move controllers, that use USB Micro, and sync up with PS4 a lot better than older models (In my expereince). 


As others have said, PSVR is the most exciting Gaming device I have bought since PS1 and N64. It is delivering new expereinces at incredible rate. Even old games feel like nothing you have ever expereinced before. The Scale, the Emersion, the Community, and the Social gameplay are all on a massively different level than anything you ahve expereinced before. VR allows you to stand side by side, and talk face to face with people anywhere in the world, as if you are physically there together. Other characters feel like they are standing there with you. It is absolutely incredible. When you sit in a call in Gran Turismo, or an X-Wing in Star Wars, it will blow you away. 

Two years after bying it, I am still blown away by the expereinces, emersion, and social aspects. The games keep getting better, and better, with upcoming games looking to continue to move the bar foward. I paid $499.99 for OG set up Day One, the same month I paid $10K for a 75" 4K HDR TV. From the expereinces I have had between both devices, I would gladly have paid $10K for PSVR, because it far surpasses anything that the 4K TV has ever accomplished. I upgraded to the ZVR2 the day it arrived, and I will be buying all future revisions they put out for the foreseeable future. It is an incredible expereince, and it will continue to see massivve improvements with every revision for the next decade or two.

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Kevyn B Grams