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ResilientFighter said:
Kai_Mao said:

More like 33%, but regardless, Let's Go is likely to make up for it with revenue and profit. Plus you have the Poke Ball Plus to consider. A pretty good amount of preorders for Let's Go are likely with the Poke Ball Plus bundle.

bro you are right sorry about that since i got the pokeball remote bundle for 100 i forgot the game was 60 without it and i wasnt sure if 3DS games were 40 or 45 lol

What are you talking about?!

You are right!!! The 3DS games cost $40, 50% from $40 are $20. So when you say that lets go costs 50% more than sun&moon, you are right, because 60 are 50% bigger than 40.

KaiMao sentence would be correct only if he was saying that sun&moon costs 33% less than lets go.