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Doesn't mean much actually. How was the survey conducted, on how many players?

For me, sure, I would like to buy the Switch, and the PSVR, and a new computer. Doesn't mean that I can do it. You could ask the same thing to any active playerbase on an online game ("Are you interested in the new game on this new console") and have similar results, but it doesn't mean that these 5 millions people can or will run to buy a Switch for Pokémon Let's Go launch.

I defended Pokemon Let's Go a while ago by saying that it will work better than some people expect, but free mobile players saying "Yeah, I'm interested in spending 300 dollars for this" doesn't mean that they will all take that step. In an ideal world without any constraints, sure, but not in reality.


A good comparison would be a similar study on Granblue mobile playerbase, with the upcoming PS4 game...