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flashfire926 said:


Jaxyfoo said:
Most people in the UK will be horrified at this idea. Digital games at launch are almost twice the price of the disc version. If digital pricing doesn't come down to match, then it will be where millions of gamers switch off.

Yet  digital sales are still growinf rapidly in the UK, and physical sales are dwindling year over year.

Proves that most are fine with the pricing.

There are a number who are fine for sure.  I am ok with digital myself, but not at the silly prices.  I have over 400 games in my digital library on PS4 and a large number on all other platforms.  But I bet the vast majority of games bought digitally fuelling those increases come from the bargains in the sales.  That won't be healthy if day ones sales shrink dramatically in the UK due to digital pricing at launch.