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bananaking21 said:
Yeah no way does a disk drive cost a 100 bucks. It's obviously a way to entice people to purchase the digital only console. MS have been trying to push this for a while now

Personally I'm fine with console manufacturers doing this, but I still want physical media to be relevant.

The article also mentions "In addition, the company also has a revised Xbox One S SKU that is targeted for later in the year that focuses solely on cost reduction but does feature a disc-drive for those who still prefer the traditional way to buy your games."

So in addition to removing the cost of the UHD Blu-Ray drive a general revision for cost reduction purposes could well knock the $100 off the price. We have seen Black Friday deals at $199 for 2 years now and regular $249 bundles so I wouldn't be surprised if the standard S became $199 and the disc-less S was $149 (standalone console) especially when you consider the profits made from digital content a couple of game sales and the hardware loss is made back up.