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Madword said:
Errorist76 said:

It could still be 2019 either. I always expected them to release PS5 in the year of their 25th anniversary, but yes....why not in spring? a spring release seems to have worked well for Nintendo..although it would be a first for Sony. If anything this makes me excited for what’s to come next year.

I’m still surprised by this decision. Kodera said they’d duck a bit, but that’s not what I expected.

I mean the thing is we already know what is happening in 2019 in terms of games.... 


  • Days Gone : April 2019
  • Dreams : Probably May 2019
  • MediEvil August 2019
  • TLOU2 - March 2020
  • Death Stranding 2019 or 2020

Edit Forgot Ghosts as well... damn still much to come.

So we can see that 2019 is pretty much set in stone and no need to talk about these games at E3 or announce games new for 2020 as they'll be PS5) as Sony have learnt that got them burnt before when trying to match MS for earliest announcements (I think this is the change in attitude). I think MS will go back to E3 showing logo's etc but if they dont mention next gen, I think thats lost on the audience.

Layden actually stated they wouldn’t have enough new stuff to show, so they’d rather back out instead of delivering a disappointing show...we’ve all seen X018 a few days ago.

The more I think about it, the more a big 25th anniversary PSX in December, with possible PS5 announcement, seems to make sense. PS4 was announced in February, so what difference do 2 months make?