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Barkley said:

Will only predict the new releases:

Pokemon - 9m
Smash Bros - 7.5m

tbone51 said: 

My predictions for Quarter report Lifetime

Super Smash Bros Ulitmate - 13.85mil

Bruh, you think Smash is going to outship Brawl's lifetime sales in under a month?

Super Mario Odyssey took 10 weeks to ship 9m. You think Smash can ship 13.85m in a little over 3 weeks?

How much do you think will be sold to consumers in those 3 weeks? How much do you think they're going to be overshipping by?

If they sold 7m in their first 3 weeks, that'd be almost 7m units sitting on shelves. xD

Actually im going all in and making my biggest BOLD claim of all time. Will make a thread on it later. But itlp be SSBU will Be the biggest Exclusive Launch of all time.


Stay tuned for it ill post an explanation later (when making that thread). Itll be a prediction of close to if not 15mil Ship+Digital WW first month


Edit: Most likely ill be wrong but if one game can do it, it would be SSBU. This is the biggest Hardcore Nintendo Franchise of all time. Im going in lmfao.


When im wrong every1 gonna come at me lol. I was close a couple years back with ssb4 though