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Yup, I just want more classic enemies reimagined like you said Re-Deads, Dodongos, Gibdo, etc. Also a story that's more focused and engaging. I simply did not enjoy the BotW. story. It felt half baked, the fact that you had to view the past rather than experience it is a good idea on paper and does fit the narrative but the narrative itself is dull and predictable.

I understand Nintendo puts gameplay over story but I see no reason why the game can't have a story that's at least half as interesting as OoT.

And of course, please bring dungeons back. And I don't mean the structure of previous Zelda dungeons, but something more along the lines of Hyrule Castle in BotW. The Divine beasts were just bland. I understand that in terms of progression it's difficult to make everything flow in an open world setting, but the way Divine beasts were structured into the story progression just felt safe and predictable. Hearkening back to the original Zelda, you had dungeons that you could enter, not finish, and come back later once you had an item that might aid you. I think that should be explored but even more so in the next Zelda.

Gameplay is spot on, I wouldn't mind the same system with some new moves. BotW's music makes sense, but for the next one I think a more varied soundtrack and pronounced soundtrack would be great.