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mZuzek said:
Asriel said:
80 for Pokemon, 92 for Smash.

Smash Ultimate is interesting too - Smash isn't quite as universally loved by critics as 3D Mario and Zelda, so even with the sheer amount of content this game has, I can't see it breaking in to the mid-90s the way those franchises do.

The last three Smash games all made 92+ and that's including a game that had barely any decent single-player content, which is something critics love. Ultimate looks like the Smash game ever by miles from every point of view (competitive, casual, online, single-player), it's quite unlikely to fall anywhere below the previous ones.

Which is why I've got it on 92%, I don't see it being any lower than that. The assumption Spirits mode will inflate the average might be wrong - it depends whether or not critics do enjoy it. It's not just about having single-player content, it's also whether or not that content is any good and whether or not critics enjoy that content. Plus, I wonder how online is going to play into it.

Personally I hope Smash does land higher than the series has before on Metacritic, I'm just not sure it will. Ultimate is my most anticipated game of the year.