once you understand the reasoning behind the subscription based VC it starts to make a lot more sense. for every VC to date people would end up just buying the same well known titles, spending maybe $30 at the max in most cases and then never paying any mind to the other titles they release. but now, you just buy every VC game at once, giving more people the opportunity to try the obscure stuff they would otherwise never consider while still providing a better money flow.

but am i meaning to say "look, see, it makes perfect sense, now stop complaining" by saying that? of course not, people still have every right to be upset. 3 NES game every month is just not an acceptable content flow, especially for Nintendo. we should have been getting 4 NES, 4 SNES, and 4 Gameboy games as a monthly promise right from start with GBA and N64 soon on the horizon. the Switch can definitely handle it, and there is no way it takes that long for them to get these ROMs working properly.