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Miyamotoo said:
Conina said:

You do realize that the $4.4 billion and $2.8 billion are already their 25 - 30% cut, not the whole 100% revenue?

Their total app revenue in the first half year were $22.6 billion and $11.8 billion, but that includes non-gaming apps.

Their estimate total gaming app revenue in the first half year are $16.3 billion and $10.3 billion:

And yes, ~90% of that software revenue is their profit. Plus crazy profits for their hardware in the case of Apple.

We were talking about profit, are you saying that Apple and Google taking 90% profit of all revenue for games while devs are taking only 10%? Do you have something to backup that?

No, I'm saying that Apple had a gaming revenue of 16.3 billion dollar in 1H 2018 and that their cut of that revenue was 4.4 billion dollar.

These 4.4 billion dollar aren't 100% profit, since they will have some expenses to keep their servers running, pay internet traffic and pay support people. But probably 90% of the 4.4 billion dollar are profit, so around 4.0 billion dollar. The full year 2018 will be a profit of at least 8 billion dollar (the christmas quarter is usually a lot stronger).

For comparison, the operating income of Sony's gaming segment was ~1.55 billion dollar (177 billion yen) last year: