KratosLives said:
Afrika, on ps3. Beautiful game, and a unique experience. One of the first games i platinumed lol. I like animals and the zoos, nature, david attenborough etc., among other things, and im a hard core gamer, so dont be fooled. The animal models were stunning, great environments, but the animals were the main point. They also animated well and moved about realistically. Don't know why its sitting at 63, maybe some reviewers were fed up with the driving mechanics of the jeep, or couldn't pass missions because the animals would come out at certain times of the day/night depending on the season. So there was some wait times , but this is expected in the life of a photographer in the wild. The sony cameras and lenses were detailed and the big game challenges were great. It's sad it probably didn't sell well, would have loved a sequel, or an underwater version.

If it's an underwater photography game you're looking for, Endless Ocean 1 & 2 are pretty good.

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