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CuCabeludo said:
VAMatt said:
As I mentioned on a similar thread a few days ago - the biggest surprise to me here is that Tencent absolutely dwarfs everybody else. That just goes to show you the size of the Chinese market. And, that market is nowhere near maturity. (Yes, I know they sell outside of China as well. But, they're certainly not in the top few names if you take China revenues out.)

Tencent owns Riot (League of Legends which makes USD 2 billion+ per year alone in revenue) and part of Epic Games (Fortnite), i'd say they have a very good exposure to western markets. Don't forget they also own Bluehole (PUBG).

I did not know that they owned Bluehole or part of Epic.  That changes things a good bit.  Still though, they're kicking everyone's ass because of China.