DélioPT said: 
1-2 Switch, Labo and Mario Party were the only games that truly did something new. More the first than the latter…
Although Labo is another story.

We are fast approaching 2 years of the console on the market and there's been too little.
If they wanted for all these things to be on Switch, where's the strategy to really showcase them?

I too want them to come out with more unique propositions, but from what they showed for 2019, that doesn't seem to be a path they will be following.

Remember, games take time to develop. Anything that's in the works at Nintendo now, has probably been in development since last year, meaning we'll either see it in the near future, or another year down the line. They did say they have a lot of new IP in development, so I'm betting 2019 is when we'll see the bulk of it, alongside games like Luigi's Mansion 3 and Prime 4.

Barkley said: 

I just want to see more big games. The last really big game they released was Odyssey over a year ago!

I completely disagree they need to make stuff like 1-2-Switch or Labo, I wish they'd both be consumed in eternal fire. Just craft more games like Odyssey, botw, Mario+Rabbids... etc.

It's important to have both. I want to see crazy new ideas, and traditional games. Also asking for multiple Odyssey scale games every year is unrealistic.

alternine said:
Hate to say it but games like that will keep Nintendo irrelevant. I mean when was their last BIG game? Odyssey? After Smash what's next? God I hope it isn't things like labo and Arms. No one else will say it but I will. They. Are. Terrible. Nintendo really needs to bring it next year or another Wii U like slump will happen if they waste time with nonsense like that.

In other words, "I hate new ideas and concepts, bring me stuff I'm familiar with". Seriously, you guys bitched about Nintendo not doing new IP, when get mad when they do bring it out. Make up your mind.