It'd be too difficult to find out the scores of all the games I like and then decide my favourite of those that fall below 75 so I'll just pick a few from recent memory.

1. Sonic Forces
In my opinion this was the perfect counterpart to Sonic Mania. I really enjoyed Forces more than most 3D Sonic games and although people generally can't comprehend this, I have played it and enjoyed it about as much as Mario Odyssey.

2. Lightning Returns FFXIII
The best of the FFXIII trilogy in my opinion.

3. Castlevania Requiem
Somehow this combination of Symphony of the Night and Rondo of Blood scores far lower than just plain old Symphony of the Night, this type of thing is why I ignore metascores or critics in general. But anyway, Symphony of the Night on its own is one of my favourite games ever and that game alone means that this collection is pure gold.

4. Shining Soul 2
This is my favourite Shining series game, I bet most of the Shining games are below 75 though and I enjoy lots of them and although 74 is a good score in my opinion, I would rate it much higher.

I'll stop there because Metacritic is infuriating to search on, I enjoy a lot of games that fall into their yellow category and although I can't find an easy way to look at games in the red category, I probably enjoy some of those too.



 I just realised Yooka Laylee on PS4 is 68, that might've been my favourite game of 2017 so that's another contender

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