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vivster said:
OdinHades said:

Maybe it's just a probe like our voyager 2 probe which travels at around 16 km/s. Could have travelled through the milky way for millions of years and just happens to randomly cross our solar system. Whatever civilization made that thing is probably long gone by now. I mean at least that would be a possibility.

Anyway, it's never Aliens until you can safely sort out any other possible explanation. So for the moment I will assume that this thing has a natural origin. 

The thing is, even if it's of alien origin it is completely irrelevant. It's definitely not here for us and we have no way to communicate with it, so for us it might as well just be a random rock floating through space. Zero implications for any of our understandings.

Some scientists should stop being romantic with aliens.

Just imagine, though. Opening up an extra-terrestrial space craft and seeing all that wonderful new technology that humanity only dreamed is... to be the first person to meet an alien life form, and fuck it.

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