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Errorist76 said:
Snoopy said:

2 million out of 90 million ps4 owners is impressive? Lol okay, thanks for proving my point showing how desperate you are. 

Considering most multiplatform games don’t even sell that number on several platforms it’s damn impressive. Especially since those numbers are pretty outdated and those games have sold considerably more including digital.

Deny it all you want but stellar exclusives sell consoles and Sony is doing a considerably better job at producing console sellers than Microsoft. Maybe not 1 or 2 great games, but 5-10 or more and it helps selling a 5 year old console like it is...and Microsoft could’ve done the same and the XBox would sell much better. This isn’t even up for discussion, since even MS have realised this by now.

No one denies a great exclusive can't sell a console, it just doesn't hold a huge impact that people here think. Multiplatform games is what most ps4 owners play. The beginning of this generation (first three years) Sony didn't have a huge console seller until Uncharted 4 and ps4 was selling well before it was released. Microsoft is buying these studios mostly for xbox game pass, not really for their console. They realize in order to have a netflix model, they have to do three things. 

1. Get xbox game pass everywhere which is what they're going to use Xbox cloud service for.

2. Have constant games coming in (thus the new studios and their deals with indies).

3. Cheap monthly price.

These games being native xbox console exclusive is just a bonus for them, but they are trying to dominate the subscription service because it is worth a lot more.