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JRPGfan said:
AngryLittleAlchemist said:
Considering the fact that Obsidian and InXile have tons of OG Fallout members, and both are known for fallout-esq games (Wasteland and Fallout New Vegas), I wouldn't be surprised if Microsoft tried to make the Wasteland IP into the next Fallout with some kind of collab between the studio members.

That would be a mistake imo..... Wasteland 2 was a huge letdown to me (And a buggy mess ontop).
 Torment + Pillars of Eternity would be much better to back by MS.

Like if you own the planescape torment IP,..... you HAVE to make a new game in the series, you have too!
Also Pillars of Eternity is pretty darn good as is, just do more of that.

I was talking about a triple A Wasteland, basically a reboot of sorts. Not having two devs work on a isometric AA game, that wouldn't even need more than one studio.