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Runa216 said:
Snoopy said:

Yet NPD just showed the top 10 games for ps4 and only one exclusive. PS4 owners buy the same games as Xbox 95% of the time. Sony was selling well for the first three years and they had only one game that sold over 3 million at that time.

You really wanna do the numbers game, bro? PS4 exclusives have been regularly selling better than Xbox One exclusives by a WIDE margin, have been getting consistently better reviews, and there are a whole lot more of them. 

I have, on multiple times when I was bored, compared sales and score data for the exclusives and the PS4 wins in literally every category by a wide margin and that margin is growing wider. This year alone Spider-Man and God of War have sold around 5 million each (4.95 for God of War and counting, 4.24 for Spider-Man and still early in its run, will it 5 million easily), and the HIGHEST selling Xbox One Exclusive according to this very site is Halo 5 with 4.88 million. 

5 million people out of 90 million ps4 users isn't really proving your point. The two games you brought up came at the end of the generation. How did ps4 sell well before these games? You really think 60 million ps4 owners bought ps4 for uncharted 4, a game that isn't even in the top 10 NPD for PS4? 

PS4 succeeded mainly because it was cheaper and therefore adopted right away. And most people buy the system where their friends are at. That is why Sony is stubborn about crossplay because it is a huge selling point for ps4.

A quality game is someone's opinion. I like multiplayer games that's why I play xbox more. I can finish most ps4 games in a week and there are only 5 ps4 exclusives I like. I play everything else on Xbox one x since it plays majority the games that both PlayStation and Xbox players play, except much better in every way.