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celador said:
yeah show was poor, not much to be excited about. i think this gen is largely over for exclusives. i expect every new studio to be going to the next xbox immediately, preparing for as strong a first year as possible when it launches holiday 2020.

obsidian aren't the studio they were ten years ago when they made New Vegas, but with a good budget they could be a great addition. will be interesting to see what kind of games they make. the type of games they have made recently review well but they aren't system sellers. hopefully they will make something more like NV, a full open world rpg. InXile I don't know much about, so can't say how big an addition they are.

They made 2 games resently.

Torment: Tides of Numenera (im a huge planescape torment fan, a game in the series was hype for me, but it didnt live up to the 1st game)
Wasteland 2.... was okay, but really buggy. I didnt play it more than like... 5hours? or so before I uninstalled it (its 80 metacritic and overrated imo).

They "can" make good games, and hopefully with MS backing them, they can take more time to make sure the polish is on point, and that their future games are up to the quality they need to be.

Obsidian is a amasing company, the histroy they have alone.
Thats def. the better of the two buys.

Pillars of Eternity 1 + 2 are amasing imo.
So we know that obsidian can make great games still. My faith in them is much higher than in InXile.

Last edited by JRPGfan - on 10 November 2018